No Instagram for the Xperia X10? Try Lightbox for Android!

I admit it: there was an iOS-only app that made me jealous of them: Instagram.Well, thats history, because now Xperia X10 has Lightbox for Android, a social photo-sharing app much like Instagram, but there's a lot more!

Advanced Xperia X10 tweaks at build.prop

Good evening!

If you have your X10 rooted, why not explore it some more?  Perhaps one of the easiest files to tweak is the build.prop, at  /system/ folder. That file contains several systems settings that can be changed. Many different ROMs have different configuration setups according to the creators will or objective. Check out some examples (the last one is the best)! TIP: use a file manager with a good text editor. I suggest Root Explorer.

What are MIUI and CyanogenMod?

Good evening!

You might have already stumbled upon the names MIUI and CyanogenMod. What are these things?

MIUI and CyanogenMod are both Android OS customizations. Their ROM's are knows for bringing to Android some functionality mobile manufacturers often hide from their customers and also new capabilities like easy theme changing, apps from other devices and so on.

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