Temporary blog shutdown.

Taking care of two blogs at the same time has proven it hard, more than I can handle. Fortunately, the brazilian blog is doing great in terms of visits (not revenue, should I say). It has only gotten there because I received help; my professional life is taking up a lot of the time I thought I could spare on blogging.

I am still eager for more audience, I wanna help even more people, specially outside Brazil, but I`m not going to be able to do it just now. Im working on some partnerships with other blogs and those might help me (and you all) out in the near future.

Let`s see how things will behave in the next couple of months.

You can find a lot, lot more at Minha Vida com X10.

I sincerely hope to see you again soon.

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No Instagram for the Xperia X10? Try Lightbox for Android!

I admit it: there was an iOS-only app that made me jealous of them: Instagram.Well, thats history, because now Xperia X10 has Lightbox for Android, a social photo-sharing app much like Instagram, but there's a lot more!

Advanced Xperia X10 tweaks at build.prop

Good evening!

If you have your X10 rooted, why not explore it some more?  Perhaps one of the easiest files to tweak is the build.prop, at  /system/ folder. That file contains several systems settings that can be changed. Many different ROMs have different configuration setups according to the creators will or objective. Check out some examples (the last one is the best)! TIP: use a file manager with a good text editor. I suggest Root Explorer.

What are MIUI and CyanogenMod?

Good evening!

You might have already stumbled upon the names MIUI and CyanogenMod. What are these things?

MIUI and CyanogenMod are both Android OS customizations. Their ROM's are knows for bringing to Android some functionality mobile manufacturers often hide from their customers and also new capabilities like easy theme changing, apps from other devices and so on.

New Xperia X10 software updates! Android 2.3 Gingerbread might be around the corner!

With the official Android 2.3 Gingerbread for Xperia X10 release date getting close (possible Q2/Q3 2011) , some users at the XDA forums began receiving software updates to firmware 2.1.B.0.1 and baseband 2.1.67. This is not 2.3, yes, but it feels like Sony Ericsson is preparing for a major rollout!

Sources report that this firmware updates grant better screen responsiveness, increase battery life and present minor visual tweaks and enhancements. You can install the newest software via Flashtool following this link, yet the new firmware ROM is still "branded". I'll keep waiting for a global, clean ROM to come out.

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[OFFICIAL] Sony Ericsson plans to bring Facebook Inside Xperia to X10 devices


You knew Facebook Inside Xperia was coming to the newest Xperia handsets and we thought it would never come to the Xperia X10. Recently, tough, Sony Ericsson announced its plans on releasing the integrated service for the Xperia X10. On the word of the official SE product blog:
I’ve seen lots of questions around the previously announced upcoming Gingerbread update for the Xperia™ X10. The work is progressing well and I hope to have final confirmation on what features etc it will contain within short and then do a blog post about it covering your most frequently asked questions. One thing I can confirm already now is that Facebook inside Xperia currently is planned to come to the Xperia™ X10 too.
One Facebook login will be enough to enable the amazing new "like", lockscreen notifications and other features. Check the promo video below!

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Xperia X10 running Windows, Linux!

Hello! Once the Xperia X10 bootloader has been cracked, developers began to try even further to explore the possibilities of customizing and experimenting with the phone. Aside from Android development, tests have been made so the Xperia could run completely different operational systems and you see here three successful stories: an Xperia X10 running Windows 95, another on running Linux (Unbuntu Lucid CHROOT) and the last one running Backtrack 5 (digital security Linux build).

One might ask: why? I believe the answer is pretty simple: because we can! I feel this open source world is a great place to explore, discover and learn. I ask back: why not?

[ROM] Xperia Arc retail rom on Xperia X10!

Why wait for Sony Ericsson if you can already install the Android 2.3.2 Gingerbread released with the Xperia Arc on your Xperia X10? I did it and I'll show you how to do it yourself!

Presenting the new Xperia mini and mini pro!

Sony Ericsson announced recently the 2 newest additions to its Xperia portfolio: the Xperia mini and mini pro (no longer called "X10"). They are bigger and more powerful than its predecessors and now sport a Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS!

Check out what else have changed:

Facebook Inside Xperia! Xperia X10 out of the plans.

Ever heard of the Facebook Inside Xperia feature?

It's a new integration between the newest Xperia phones (including the newest Xperia mini and mini pro) and Facebook. According to the official Sony Ericsson Product Blog, half the time spent on apps worldwide is due to the Facebook app, so exploring that, the company announced this may 5th the Facebook Inside Xperia.

Xperia X10 Schematics Revealed!

Ever wondered how is your Xperia X10 assembled? How it was designed? Wanna give a shot at fixing/repairing it by yourself (I wouldn't do that!)? Heres a fine look at its inner electronics!

Speed up your SD card!


You have an amazing Xperia X10 at hand, you've changed or customized your Android OS and yet you feel your device sluggish. Its probably because of your SD Card. In the Android environment, the data reading/writing speed depends more on the cache memory than the SD Card class. Here you will learn to measure that speed and improve it! You wont regret opening the 3D Gallery anymore!

Android 3 Honeycomb on Xperia X10

Your Xperia X10 might still be on Android 2.2 Froyo, or even 2.1 Eclair. You probably know that 2.3 is here to stay and that an official version will come out later this year, but here is something you probably dont already know: Android 3 Honeycomb is being ported to the Xperia X10.

The task killer myth! Battery and memory saving options.

I am sure you have heard once in your X10 life that you should use a decent task killer to kill apps running on background. After all, you have a 1GHz phone that behaves like a dumbphone (if not worse) in terms of speed. Some say killing apps saves battery and memory.

Don't be fooled!

Multi-touch on Xperia X10!

Good morning!

I realized not all of us have multi-touch (dual-touch + pinch to zoom) enabled on our X10. Some carriers blocked Android upgrades, other people have old custom ROMs, some have problems with Sony Ericsson Update Service or PC Companion. Don't worry, you'll learn here how to enable it; it requires root access, but it won't wipe any personal data or files!

Android 2.2 Froyo on Xperia X10!

Good morning!

Yes, I have Froyo (Android 2.2) running on my Xperia X10! It feels really great! Awesome speed, great performance! While Sony Ericsson doesn't take us officially to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, its possible to use a very nice Android 2.2 Froyo ROM developed at the XDA Forums. Everything works nicely, including HD recording and dual-touch. Its free and easy!

Before starting, know the risks involved and give credits to the ROM creator at XDA.


How to root your Xperia X10!

Welcome to the simplest guide on rooting your Xperia X10 phone! But first, why rooting?
  • You can make your X10 become 6 or 7 times faster
  • Experience more battery life (expert memory management)
  • Backing up applications on your computer or SD card
  • Install themes, customizations and apps from other Android devices
  • FlashPlayer 10 on web browser!
  • Send internet pages from Google Chrome to your phone Chrome To Phone 
  • Clean your phone's content or data remotely in case of theft
  • And many others...
Just be aware of the risks involved!

Let's root it:

What is this blog and what it's not!


Before we begin, let me explain what is this blog to ensure you are in the right place and we don't waste each other's time!

This is the international version of the Minha Vida com X10 blog. It's meant to show a little bit of my daily experience with the Xperia X10 smartphone. We'll talk about the good stuff and also the bad things about it.

I'm not supported by Sony Ericsson nor any other company. It's a personal blog, an open space to share feelings, find out solutions, to suggest and to learn; an test environment for apps, sounds and images.

I made the original blog in portuguese because it was my first blog and I wanted to hit it's target audience: brazillian owners of the Xperia X10 (you might guess smartphones aren't that popular here, and those who have it usually don't have a clue about their devices' powers or features). Now I wanna make this whole thing international because I realized not to many people around the Xperia X10 world really know how to improve their experience with this handset.

I'm not an expert. I'm a regular user trying to help. Maybe sharing some tips in english will allow more people around the world to become happy after all. And maybe I can learn new things here, so I can "spread the Xperia X10 word". I will try to keep the tutorials as simple as possible, after all it's meant to be read by the regular Xperia X10 owner: you and me!

I  invite you to join this discussion and make your X10 experience more pleasant, always. Be welcome!

-- Thank you for your time. If you like what you see, consider donating.
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