No Instagram for the Xperia X10? Try Lightbox for Android!

I admit it: there was an iOS-only app that made me jealous of them: Instagram.Well, thats history, because now Xperia X10 has Lightbox for Android, a social photo-sharing app much like Instagram, but there's a lot more!

Lightbox app can replace your phone's camera: you can take the picture and apply filters to it; sharing it to Facebook  twitter or foursquare is just a click away. Add a coment, a place (fastest GPS lock I've seen so far in any app/device!) and voilá! It's online! Pictures are taken at around 800 x 500 pixels resolution and end up at some 50KB in size, so easily "uploadable"...

There's also the social character of showing all photos from your friends networks. It feels a little bit like Timescape wanted to be, but Lightbox is faster, and better. You can zoom in photos, comment them or like them (yup, it works!).

Another cool feature: news screen. Instead of headlines you get photographs. Genius!

Lightbox chose a different market strategy being released solely to Android. I've been using it since beta version and I am pretty satisfied with it. I recommend it!

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