What are MIUI and CyanogenMod?

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You might have already stumbled upon the names MIUI and CyanogenMod. What are these things?

MIUI and CyanogenMod are both Android OS customizations. Their ROM's are knows for bringing to Android some functionality mobile manufacturers often hide from their customers and also new capabilities like easy theme changing, apps from other devices and so on.

I've learnt that MIUI is built over the 2.2 Froyo Android OS, which means you'll have a lot of performance right from the beginning. The first MIUI ROMs were built from scratch in China (the very first was completely written in Chinese!) and they look a lot like the iOS; not only visually, but practically, as there's no app drawer, for example. Its also has the feeling of the Samsung TouchWiz interface. After all, it's like having the best of each manufacturer altogether on the Xperia X10. The strength and interest over MIUI ROMs realy heavily on its customization power: you can tweak pretty much every visual setting from icons to lock-screen and app docks. In fact, the MIUI lock-screen is supposed to be slid down and you have to option to do so while choosing if you want the dialer or sms app started (the actual slider is three-fold). However, MIUI ROM's look a lot like iOS; so much that many of us Android users can find extremely unpleasant. Here are some screenshots:



App Drawer (Launcher Pro)

iPhone's look

CyanogenMod ROMs are (now) based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and brings very good things beyond the Gingerbread capabilities themselves.  They can handle advanced media formats, widgets, themes and feature camera and connectivity improvements, and excellent performance and battery life. Some screens:

You should know that neither MIUI nor CyanogenMod were originally built for the Xperia X10. That explain why we can find so many different ROMs at the XDA forums (FreeXperia, FreeX10, TripNRaVeR). I've tested a bunch of them myself (take some time through this blog or its older pt-br version for more). The open source world is all about sharing info and knowledge, that's why our X10 ROMs sport a little bit of everything available. Its fun to try different things and to realize that the Xperia X10 can handle them all!

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