Warnings and risks

Before altering your Android OS, have in mind some warnings. Know that any procedure can brick or damage your phone and I am not responsible for it. So, know that:

  • By doing some things taught here you can seriously affect your phone's performance (for better or worse)
  • I am not responsible for any damage to your phone. Everything posted here has been done successfully on MY X10 handset. I cant assure it will work on YOURS. The decision and risks are yours.
    • Nobody, except yourself can be responsible by the consequences of the choices YOU make
  • I don't handle Android or App development; I don't know programming codes or routines; I am a regular X10 user, but I'll try to help you whenever possible.
  • Remember that not everything works on all devices. I tested these techniques on my Xperia X10 big and therefore can not assure it will work on X10 mini or mini pro
  • I have never heard that Sony Ericsson would support Android development to customize the X10, so I bet you can not count on them either if something goes wrong here.
  • Android development and the info sources this blog is based on (forums, in general) have their own legal rights and sharing policies. Be aware of them!
  • I general, if you do not have good knowledge on informatics, Android, or don't have the courage to deeply alter your phone's settings, I suggest you do not proceed. 
But, if you have the courage to try something a bit more drastic on your phone, feel free to join! I am very happy with everything I have done to my phone and I confess I have never had anything wrong gone to my handset!

-- Thank you for your time. If you like what you see, consider donating.
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