Facebook Inside Xperia! Xperia X10 out of the plans.

Ever heard of the Facebook Inside Xperia feature?

It's a new integration between the newest Xperia phones (including the newest Xperia mini and mini pro) and Facebook. According to the official Sony Ericsson Product Blog, half the time spent on apps worldwide is due to the Facebook app, so exploring that, the company announced this may 5th the Facebook Inside Xperia.

It will allow users to sign in to Facebook on the phone, so they wont have to sign in again ever after, savign time and trouble. The service will roll-out Q2 this year, and will enhance Facebook contact sync, calendar sync, photo sharing (with Facebook photos on the phones gallery). Theres will also be a new "Like" button on the music player and a Media Discovery Widget, that will show friends' music and video recommendations, including those made via Youtube or Spotify.

Unfortunately, the Xperia X10 is not a compatible phone.

More on the official web site.

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