Multi-touch on Xperia X10!

Good morning!

I realized not all of us have multi-touch (dual-touch + pinch to zoom) enabled on our X10. Some carriers blocked Android upgrades, other people have old custom ROMs, some have problems with Sony Ericsson Update Service or PC Companion. Don't worry, you'll learn here how to enable it; it requires root access, but it won't wipe any personal data or files!

I learnt the process here as described by Bin4ry, I'm just making it easy for all of us gathering all in a single post!



If you have flashtool installed, you can skip this initial part. Just make sure you download the addon to the \flashtool\firmware folder
  • Install Flashtool on PC
    • Install x10 drivers (\flashtool\drivers folder)
    • Enable USB Debugging (Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging)
  • Open Flashtool
  • Click Flash
  • Choose the dualtouch file and click ok
  • DONE


In this case, you'll need to perform more file changes manually. There's a chance the initial process doesn't work for all apps; then you'll need to do these next steps too. That's where Root Explorer comes in handy. Thanks to MyImmortal.

  • On Root Explorer, access \system folder, find build.prop, long click on it and pick Open in Text Editor
  • At the end of the file, add these commands and save:
    • ro.product.multi_touch_enabled = true
    • ro.product.max_num_touch=2
  • Download this other file and put it in the \etc\permissions folder
  • Long-press on it and select Permissions
    • Check the first whole column and the item from the second column
  • Reboot your phone.
  • DONE
It should now work with all apps. Write down your doubts on the comments! See you next time!

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