What is this blog and what it's not!


Before we begin, let me explain what is this blog to ensure you are in the right place and we don't waste each other's time!

This is the international version of the Minha Vida com X10 blog. It's meant to show a little bit of my daily experience with the Xperia X10 smartphone. We'll talk about the good stuff and also the bad things about it.

I'm not supported by Sony Ericsson nor any other company. It's a personal blog, an open space to share feelings, find out solutions, to suggest and to learn; an test environment for apps, sounds and images.

I made the original blog in portuguese because it was my first blog and I wanted to hit it's target audience: brazillian owners of the Xperia X10 (you might guess smartphones aren't that popular here, and those who have it usually don't have a clue about their devices' powers or features). Now I wanna make this whole thing international because I realized not to many people around the Xperia X10 world really know how to improve their experience with this handset.

I'm not an expert. I'm a regular user trying to help. Maybe sharing some tips in english will allow more people around the world to become happy after all. And maybe I can learn new things here, so I can "spread the Xperia X10 word". I will try to keep the tutorials as simple as possible, after all it's meant to be read by the regular Xperia X10 owner: you and me!

I  invite you to join this discussion and make your X10 experience more pleasant, always. Be welcome!

-- Thank you for your time. If you like what you see, consider donating.
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